We seek to maintain a culture of ethical behaviour and compliance throughout the Group, rather than simply performing the minimum required by laws and regulations. We will not knowingly assist any third party in breaching the law, or participate in any criminal, fraudulent or corrupt practice in any country.

To support this, we have implemented a Group compliance programme that includes a range of policies, procedures, guidelines, training and awareness, monitoring and investigations.

Our permanent and temporary employees, directors and officers (as well as contractors, where they are under a relevant contractual obligation) must comply with our relevant compliance policies, procedures and guidelines, in addition to complying with applicable laws and regulations.

When we enter in to joint ventures where we are not the operator, we strive to influence our partners to adopt similar policies to ours. 

Everybody working for Glencore Agriculture must promptly raise any situations in which the Glencore Code of Conduct, its underlying policies or the law appear to be breached with a supervisor or manager. Alternatively, they may raise the concern with the appropriate manager in human resources, legal, finance, corporate affairs, sustainability or senior management, or with his or her local compliance contact. 

Where the concern remains unresolved through these local channels, or should an employee, contractor, supplier or other stakeholder feel uncomfortable utilising the local channels for resolution of the concerns for whatever reason and at any time, the concern can be referred to the Glencore Raising Concerns Programme.

The process is simple. To raise a concern using Glencore’s secure web platform, individuals may visit and click on the “Raise a Concern” button. For most countries, telephone numbers are also available to make a report.  These relevant telephone numbers can be found at the above web address.  

When using the platform, no IP information, time stamps or metadata is recorded and reports are encrypted.  All reporters will remain anonymous unless the reporter chooses to disclose his or her name, or unless the reporter’s name is required by local law.  If a concern is reported in good faith and the reporter elects to identify himself or herself, the reporter’s identity will be considered private and must be protected.  This means Glencore Agriculture will only disclose the identity of the reporter to those people at Glencore Agriculture who need the information to investigate and resolve the concern.  

Glencore Agriculture will not tolerate retaliation for reports made in good faith. Abuse of the channel, however, is not acceptable.


Visit the Raising Concerns website