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Improving health care in local communities

Author: | Date: 14/10/2018

We have been contributing resources and training to improve health care in the Argentinian communities where we operate.

We recently visited all hospitals and health care centres close to our Glencore plants to see first-hand where the facilities were lacking.

The visits showed that, while many things were needed, there was an urgent need for defibrillators at several locations. “We were able to donate defibrillators to eight different health care facilities,” says Daniel Pájaro, Glencore Agriculture Chief Financial Officer South America. 

We also organised training for all plant and office employees to progress their skills and knowledge in first aid and using defibrillators, particularly in how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) to carry out resuscitation.

Daniel Pájaro, Glencore Agriculture Chief Financial Officer South America

“More than 230 employees participated in the training. We have installed AEDs in all our offices and we are now considered a “cardioprotected” business.

“It is very pleasing that we had such a large number of employees show interest as we continue to look at new ways of creating a safer work environment.”