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Glencore Agriculture joins World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Author: | Date: 14/10/2018

We have joined the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) which will increase the opportunities to collaborate with like-minded companies in creating a sustainable future.


WBCSD is a global advocacy association comprising 200 international companies that have a focus on sustainable development. It provides leadership to drive change and improve sustainability within each business.

Glencore Agriculture CEO Chris Mahoney says he is delighted that the business has joined the council. “I look forward to working with other industry leaders to explore sustainable development solutions for the environmental challenges that our industry faces,” says Chris. “The long-term sustainability of agriculture is critical if we are to meet future food demand. 

Our commitment is to improve continuously the environmental track record of our supply chains in the communities where we operate.

Chris Mahoney, Glencore Agriculture CEO

"Together with other industry leaders, we will focus on key areas including reducing deforestation, addressing land use issues, improving cultivation practices, and reducing water consumption in scarce water regions in our supply chains.

“We are confident that working with the WBCSD and its members will provide support to achieve these goals.”

WBCSD President and CEO Peter Bakker says their projects aim to cover the entire value chain from production to consumption.

“Glencore Agriculture has a long-established direct line to many stakeholders in the chain,” says Peter. “Our aim to transform global food systems will only be achieved with the collaboration with industry leaders such as Glencore Agriculture.”