Our agricultural products encompass grain (including wheat, corn and barley), oilseeds products (including soybeans, soft seeds, edible oils and meals), pulses, cotton and sugar.




Glencore Agriculture is one of the largest suppliers of wheat globally, supplying milling, durum, noodle and feed wheats in both bulk and containers. We originate wheat and durum from all major global production regions and so can source directly from producers. We accumulate shipments to meet our customer’s exact quality specifications.



Barley is one of our core commodities. We offer unrivalled direct access to barley supplies in all major export regions. In addition, our extensive experience in bulk handling, most often through our own facilities, as well as our direct management of logistics and quality control mean that we can consistently deliver barley that’s tailored to suit a range of customers in diversified markets. We participate in both malting barley and feed barley and are a major supplier to the malting and brewing market in China and across Asia.



We supply GMO and non-GMO corn for starch, ethanol and feed products to our customers worldwide. Within the EU and CIS we have established traceability protocols that provide access to certified sustainable corn and guarantee a consistent and safe product for end consumers. We have direct relationships with producers and manage the corn along the supply chain to the end use customers. Our expanding logistics network in South America ensures that we have the ability to meet the growing demand from our many customers.

red sorghum


Glencore Agriculture is a regular marketer of red sorghum from Australia, Argentina and USA and white sorghum from Ukraine and India. Our marketing offices in Asia and Africa support the key destination markets and our customers importing sorghum for feed, industrial and food products.



Glencore Agriculture is the largest direct originator and handler of pulses globally. We offer multiple products, varieties and quality specifications across all commodities including dry field peas, chickpeas, lentils, edible beans and lupins. We are a significant exporter from the major production regions including Canada, USA, Australia, Europe, CIS and Myanmar, with a dedicated soft handling pulse system. We are regular suppliers of bulk shipments and containerised product to customers in key destinations in the Indian subcontinent, China, the EU, North America, South America and the Middle East.


Canola and oilseeds

Glencore Agriculture is a significant supplier of canola and oilseeds to markets around the world. We have the largest origination networks from the key export regions in Canada, Australia and the EU, as well as being a major exporter from the CIS. We supply products to every global destination for a range of customers in the industrial, biodiesel and food industries. We are a major supplier of sustainable canola and high oleic canola. Our global reach and knowledge of the processing sector allows us to understand the specific needs of our customers.


Protein meals

Supplying meal direct from our crush plants, using our own global logistics network, means we can provide our customers with a timely, consistent and efficient supply of product. Our customers include end-users and local distributors; we are the largest importer into Poland, Netherlands, Spain and the Baltic region with an interior distribution network to deliver product to individual customers.

Through our presence in Argentina, Glencore Agriculture is one of the largest suppliers of soymeal to customers in EU, Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. We buy soybeans direct from growers and operate Argentina’s largest crush plant.



We are a leading marketer of sugar globally, with substantial origination networks in the major exporting regions of Brazil and Thailand as well as distribution and marketing offices in China, India and Russia. We use our direct relationships with major origin producers and our own sugar and ethanol production in Brazil to supply key markets and customers globally with raw, VHP, crystal and refined sugar, together with hydrous and anhydrous ethanol.



Glencore Agriculture focuses on sourcing cotton from the major exporting countries. We have origination offices in the USA, Australia, Brazil, India and West Africa giving us direct access to producers. Our emphasis on supply chain and quality management, supported by our network of marketing personnel, helps us meet the individual needs of customers and consumers worldwide.


Vegetable oils

Producing sunflower seed oil, rapeseed oil, soybean oil from our crush plants in different parts of the world allows Glencore Agriculture to supply a large range of customers in the food and biofuel industries. We originate raw product and produce vegetable oils in South America, the EU, CIS and Canada, for refiners and biodiesel producers in key consumption regions such as China, India and the EU where we also have a presence. In addition, we produce high-quality, specialty oils such as high oleic sunoil, high oleic canola oil, and non-GMO canola oil that meet the specific requirements of our customers.



Glencore Agriculture processes rape methyl ester and soya methyl ester mainly in Europe and Argentina for markets all over the world. We also process crude and refined glycerine. Our refined glycerine is a high quality grade product, suitable for use in a wide range of applications including pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and personal care.