In every aspect of our business, the health and safety of our people, contractors, visitors, customers and communities is our highest priority.

We believe that all fatalities and injuries are preventable, and that we can create safe workplaces for all our people.

Our vision is to become a leader in workplace safety, eliminating fatalities and injuries, and the protection and improvement of people’s and communities’ wellbeing.

Our global SafeAgri initiative is improving safety through awareness, education, robust systems, technical expertise and disciplined implementation. It is based on Glencore’s SafeWork initiative. It is a risk-based framework that brings together all our managers, employees and contractors. The initiative’s aim is to provide everyone with the knowledge and tools to perform every task safely. We are focused on four fundamental components: life-saving behaviours, safety leadership, catastrophic hazard management and fatal hazard protocols. The overall message is that every individual has the authority to stop unsafe work.

Our health and safety performance has improved materially in recent years and, supported by our SafeAgri initiative, we are committed to improving our operations further.